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What is disaster management? and its types

What is disaster management? and its types

What is disaster management? and its types
What is disaster management? and its types

World Vision acts previously, amid and after calamities strike, regularly giving help with a portion of the world's most threatening situations.

Our calamity administration exercises try to:

  • > Spare lives and decrease human enduring 

  • > Secure and reestablish jobs 

  • > Decrease the dangers looked by networks influenced by catastrophe and strife.

Kinds of DISASTER 

There is no nation that is insusceptible from debacle, however powerlessness to calamity fluctuates. There are four principle sorts of fiasco. 

  • Natural disasters: including surges, sea tempests, seismic tremors and well of lava ejections that impactsly affect human wellbeing and optional effects bringing about additional passing and experiencing (for instance) surges, avalanches, fires, tidal waves. 

  • Ecological crises: including innovative or modern mishaps, as a rule including the generation, utilize or transportation of perilous material, and happen where these materials are delivered, utilized or transported, and woods fires caused by people. 

  • Complex crises: including a separate of specialist, plundering and assaults on key establishments, including strife circumstances and war. 

  • Pandemic crises: including a sudden beginning of infectious sickness that influences wellbeing, disturbs administrations and organizations, brings monetary and social expenses.

What is disaster management? and its types
What is disaster management? and its types


Regardless of whether normal or man-made, youngsters are the most helpless when a calamity strikes. The greater part of the general population who are influenced by catastrophes are kids. It is World Vision's calling to secure the prosperity of kids influenced by catastrophes.

DM2020 (Disaster Management 2020) is our youngster centered debacle administration methodology, intended to address the issues of the world's most powerless kids.

World Vision's zones of center in catastrophe administration include:

EARLY Cautioning 

World Vision groups screen signs and markers of both common and man-made dangers. This data cautions of rising occasions, for example, tropical storms, flooding, the antecedents of starvation and stirrings of contention, so we can foresee and decrease the effect of a compassionate crisis.

Calamity Hazard Decrease 

Through appropriate preparing and arranging, World Vision can help limit the misfortune to kids and families when a catastrophe strikes.

World Vision works with families and people and nearby, national and global accomplices over the world to guarantee networks know about the dangers they face and how to appropriately plan and react in case of a crisis.

Our projects are intended to take out or alleviate dangers inside their control, increment network flexibility and give preparing in a debacle chance decrease. Exercises mean to:

  • > Lessen vulnerabilities – including physical, social, monetary and ecological components that expansion weakness. 

  • > Reduce the effects of common and man-made conditions that can possibly antagonistically affect the lives and jobs of networks. 

  • > Create and upgrade the limit of people, networks and establishments to diminish hazard and develop strength. The better the limit the stronger to hazard.


Notwithstanding helping networks and families plan for fiascos, World Vision's own readiness implies we are prepared to help networks when a debacle strikes.

Stores of help things are kept up in many nations where World Vision works and in deliberately found fiasco reaction stockrooms. These things include:

  • Canvases 

  • Family packs 

  • Water transporters 

  • Dependable access to crisis nourishment supplies 

  • Water filtration tablets 

  • Haven materials 

  • Cooking utensils 

  • Covers 


World Vision's Global Rapid Response Team unites universal fiasco specialists from around the globe, who are sent inside long stretches of a noteworthy crisis to help neighborhood groups and networks.

World Vision's Global Prepositioning Resource Network (GPRN) delivers in crisis supplies deliberately situated in four distribution centers over the globe. The GPRN group likewise gives World Vision staff perceivability things, vehicles and field interchanges hardware.

Here and now financing for crisis reactions is additionally made accessible through World Vision's Emergency Preparedness Response subsidize, until the point that different assets, including government awards and open interests wind up accessible.

In a vast scale reaction, World Vision teams up with the United Nations and other nearby guide organizations. This joint effort stays away from duplication, boost efficiencies, guarantee all needs are met and dispense with holes in philanthropic reaction.
What is disaster management? and its types
What is disaster management? and its types


World Vision centers around various regions to encourage youngsters and families in their recuperation following a catastrophe:

  • Water and sanitation 

  • Wellbeing and nourishment 

  • Nourishment 

  • Youngster assurance 

  • Instruction for youngsters 

  • Safe house 

  • Compassionate assurance 

  • Compassionate backing 


Following recuperation from a calamity, World Vision stays on the ground, helping youngsters and their families to progress to changeless lodging, clean water, supportable wellsprings of sustenance and access to training. World Vision works with accomplices and neighborhood networks so they can restore their employments and be stronger to future calamities.


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